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AssetTrak PPC
designed for school districts and governments

Interfaces with leading Financial Management Software

DYNASCAN’s fixed asset tracking and inventory solutions can help streamline many aspects of the Public Sector’s workflow by strengthening fiscal control, enhancing accountability and saving time.

Today, with increasing pressure of financial responsibility, government agencies and organizations need more than just spreadsheets for fixed asset tracking. Fixed assets are any items used internally by agencies, and they include computers, vehicles and even buildings. Accurately tracking this data is crucial for replacing outdated assets, protecting secure information and understanding tax depreciation values. DYNASCAN's automated fixed asset tracking solutions can save school districts and governmental agencies thousands of dollars and countless hours of labor and provide you with accurate, verifiable inventory management.

GASB 34 regulations are requiring government agencies to provide detailed information on the condition, location and value of their fixed assets.

This helps an agency’s fiscal statements reflect its financial health, but it also establishes serious accountability for fixed assets. BMI asset tracking solutions, from DYNASCAN, not only follow these regulations, but they provide a low cost and accurate way to organize fixed assets in a short amount of time.

Unitech’s mobile computers (in the photo above) combined with DYNASCAN’s software and superior integration truly deliver a "World Class Bar Code Solution." For over 20 years, BMI and DYNASCAN have been delivering cost effective scanning solutions that interface to many Public Sector Financial Management Systems.  This ability to interface to the financial management system provides a seamless transition method of transferring barcode collected data into the accounting system.

Interfaces are available for Munis, EDEN, Bi-Tech, Pentamation, PeopleSoft, Innovak, CSI, Komputrol, Windsor Infinite Visions, Sartox, Skyward, and others.

AssetTrak PPC by BMI Systems Group is a Pocket PC based fixed asset data management system that is designed to interface with many leading public sector Financial Management Systems. An export of a copy of your master assets from your FMS’s fixed asset module can be imported into AssetTrak PPC and also loaded into the Pocket PC scanner.  Master and scanned file lookups are available on the scanner to assist in the inventory process. Existing data in your FMS’s fixed asset module, such as description, make, model #, and serial # can be viewed and updated during the scanning process. Missing and New assets can also displayed on the scanner when leaving a site/location. Reports can be generated from AssetTrak PPC to assist in the reconciliation process once all assets have been scanned and reconciled in AssetTrak PPCYour updated asset information is exported from AssetTrak PPC and posted to your FMS’s fixed asset module utilizing their available Pocket PC interface. BMI Data Converter interface utility is included for Host FAS connection.  AssetTrak PPC starts at $3245.

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