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  Direct Thermal Labels    DIRECT THERMAL LABELS

DYNASCAN supplies blank labels and tags for all brands of thermal and thermal transfer printers

Our labels are made from premium, coated sheets for superior graphics and bar codes, while insuring long print head life. Be careful with comparisons, some sites quote low prices and deliver inferior quality product.  Our labels have an aggressive permanent adhesive. Rolls are wound with labels to the outside.  We offer two core sizes and roll diameters.  Rolls are perforated between each label.  We have provided a cost per thousand labels to use for any comparisons.  This is a common unit of measure in the label business.  If a source doesn't provide a cost per thousand and sells by roll price or case price only, our suggestion is to convert the pricing to a price per thousand and compare carefully.  In case you are unfamiliar with ordering thermal labels, the first dimension is the left to right measurement as the label comes out of the printer (i.e. a 4" X 6" label is 4" left to right and 6" front to back, where a 6" X 4" label is 6" left to right and 4" front to back).  All these direct thermal labels are white.

Direct Thermal Labels - 3" Core / 8" O.D. Wound Out - minimum order 2 cases
Part Number Width Length Labels/Roll Rolls/Case Price/1000 Case Price
PDT-3-5P 3 5 1250 4 $13.65 $68.25
PDT-4-2P 4 2 3000 4 7.48 89.76
PDT-4-3P 4 3 1900 4 11.15 84.74
PDT-4-4P 4 4 1500 4 14.35 86.10
PDT-4-6P 4 6 1000 4 19.02 76.08
PDT-4-65P 4 6.5 900 4 20.90 75.24


Prices subject to change without notice.
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