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School districts are constantly challenged with the pressure to maintain financial responsibility while struggling under the confines of limited budgets.  Today, due to these pressures, school districts need more than just spreadsheets for fixed asset tracking. Automated fixed asset tracking solutions can save your organization thousands of dollars and countless hours of labor.  Most manual methods of tracking assets don't even provide the certainty that the inventory was even performed.  Using an automated, barcode based system, like BMI's AssetTrak PPC from DYNASCAN, insures that the inventory is properly completed, accurate, and verifiable.  And, as a quality barcode fixed asset system should, AssetTrak PPC then automatically transfers the updated inventory into your financial management software (not simply exports a file for you to deal with, but actually updates the FMS where you can complete your state and GASB reporting).

You may also need an automated method of checking books in and out of school libraries.  Barcode scanning systems can be used to streamline checkout procedures in libraries while providing data to help manage inventory and cataloguing.  A check in and out system from RedBeam, also available from DYNASCAN, can fit the bill.  And our barcode scanners are cost effective and simple to use. 

We can also help you track students and help protect them, for example, to insure that all students on a field trip get back on the bus.  Using barcode scanning, a simple scan of all students getting off the bus, and then those getting back on, verifies that everyone is present before the bus pulls out.


DYNASCAN can help.  We've worked with school districts from Oregon to Maine and Virginia to Texas...  Dallas ISD, St. Louis Public Schools, Irving, TX ISD, Lee County Virginia Schools, and many others.  And, we've helped universities like Ball State, UNLV, University of Montana, University of Nevada - Reno, and Cal State - San Bernardino.  Call us today and let us know what you need to keep track of!



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