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Maintain Your Competitive Edge in Today’s Global Economy!

Every day, you make critical decisions in response to all sorts of business pressures. Demanding customers, a shortage of skilled labor, and regulatory requirements are just some of the ongoing issues that require your attention. Now it’s time to create a plan for getting ahead of the competition.

Rising costs…

Government and other mandates… Fierce competition…

Running a manufacturing operation is challenging enough, but when you factor in sky-rocketing energy costs, complex regulations, and customers who know everything about your business model, you’re faced with an overwhelming situation. And since products that are second to market typically earn 25% less revenues than those first out of the chute, you must find a way to be more competitive.

Supply chain control is critical to costs, operations, and the bottom line.

Demand-driven manufacturing has helped major manufacturers collapse their supply chains and respond quickly to shifts in demand. Automatic identification (auto ID) technology coupled with wireless computing and communications can transform your manufacturing operation to a demand-driven model, by streamlining production and providing visibility into inventory and processes. When bar code data capture and wireless communications are integrated into your production processes, you can automatically monitor the assembly process and machine performance. Then when an error is detected, the right person can be alerted, resulting in reduced downtime and streamlined production. Wireless technology also reduces idle operator time by signaling materials handlers when line-side inventory is near depletion. A well-designed solution can help you regain control over your manufacturing processes, so that equipment malfunctions and other unforeseeable problems can be addressed before they adversely impact schedules. Controllable, demand-driven production is the key to global competitiveness.

DYNASCAN can help you, especially if you use QuickBooks for your accounting.  DYNASCAN is a certified reseller of Fishbowl Inventory, designed specifically for QuickBooks.  Fishbowl is the #1 selling inventory control solution for QuickBooks.  We find that lots of QuickBooks users love QuickBooks, they just need better inventory systems.  Now, you can keep QuickBooks and add the seamless interface of Fishbowl Inventory to enhance inventory control and send that data directly into QuickBooks.  QuickBooks user or not, DYNASCAN can help provide your business with quality barcode based inventory solutions.


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